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The Full Range Fund


This is a fund that Full Range Therapy is creating to be a self sustaining passively invested fund for the those who may not have the financial means to access high quality private care on their own. The whole fund is privately held and funded by Full Range Therapy currently. Applications will be available for accessing the fund by members of the Full Range Network of professionals upon the official fund launch date. (TBD)

Medical Consultation


To reduce unnecessary disease, injury, surgery and suffering by providing financial aid directly to top notch practitioners who need to subsidize treatment costs for their patients. Allowing compassionate practitioners to avoid burn-out or damaging their business while helping those in need. We do this as our life long passion project, so we hope to grow it as large as possible and hand off stewardship to the next generation. The need is great, so the response needs to be even greater.

We see an Oak Tree

We see this fund continuing to grow, at first only providing small pay outs from the interest accrued. But by never touching the principal and allowing it to continually grow, our hope is that it will compound into a behemoth that will be able to make real difference in the world. Small at first, but mighty as it matures, just like the oak tree.

Tree Hugger

We donate as much as we can, and you are welcome to as well.

Being fully funded by Full Range Therapy, we reserve the right to halt our 5% donations to fund at any time, in the unlikely event that we can no longer sustain this level as a business. We want to be upfront and clear that life and business is unpredictable but we are deeply committed to the fund even if we hit the the odd economic speed bump. We welcome donations to the fund from others, but do not expect them.

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