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Napping quick tips!

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

  • Sleep cycles are apx. 90 min

  • Average good night of sleep is 5 Sleep cycles in a row

  • Average for most people is only 4 or less cycles a night

  • 20 min nap or 90 min nap, anything in between will leave you groggy

  • 20 min naps only after 4 pm, or you won't sleep easily at night

  • Sensory routine, low light, a cool quiet room, will all help your napping and sleep

  • Sleep is the most restorative thing we do, better than any pill, exercise, or therapy

  • Sleep is free and easy (most of the time...)

  • A nap beats caffeine any day

  • Muscles and the nervous system recharge with napping, so it can also improve your posture for the rest of the day too!

  • Napping can reset a bad mood, long term proper sleep even more so..

Ok these just some quick easy tips to get your started, stay tuned for a full sleep article I am putting together that will dive into all the tips and tricks, along with why they work so well.

I love sleep, so this should be a good one coming up.

And just remember, never bet against a good nights rest.

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