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4 Mins of Exercise Is Enough!?

Welcome to Tabata!

What is the Tabata you ask?

  • A once or twice daily exercise routine that takes only 4 mins to achieve great results

  • Consisting of eight 30 sec exercise sets

  • 8 different exercises, with 20 secs of intensity, and 10 seconds of rest for each

  • Tabata gives you many the physiological benefits of longer exercise, improving mood, overall health, longevity, weight loss and better sleep.

  • Any fitness level can use it

  • No equipment is necessary, but can be used if desired, so you can do at home

  • Pretty much the easiest way ever to say that you exercise regularly! And believe yourself too!

Hey wait! That sounds way too easy, what's the catch here!?

  • While it is quick, and simple.... it is not designed to be easy

  • Based on the HIIIT type of work out, it demands that you give it your ALL for those 8 20 second bouts of work. You should be dripping sweat, dying of muscle burn and completely out of breath by the end.

  • Tabata is a "minimum effective dose" protocol that will give you the best bang for your biological buck, but it will not replace every other type of exercise, stretching or training.

  • With it being said that this a "protocol", you can swap in any type of exercise you like, as long as you achieve the demands of the protocol. Allowing you to tackle any area of the body you like, simply requiring the will power to keep it intense.

So how do I get started?

Easy, simply look up Tabata on YouTube, and you will be greeted by hundreds of how-to or follow along videos. My recommendation would be looking for videos that are no longer than 5 mins long, as all the rest seem to be cross fitters attempting to make longer and more intense versions of the Tabata set, essentially negating the whole point of it. While managing to scare regular people away from trying it at the same time. Also, try to find one that is at your particular fitness level, or has exercises you know how to regress to your level. This will give you the best initial experience, then from there, the Tabata world is you oyster, branch out as your see fit!

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